Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top Reads for 2014 - Part 1 - The Year of Reformed Women Authors

I'd like to officially dub 2014 the year of reformed women authors!

Truth be told, quite few authors blazed the trail before them in the year(s) just prior. Authors like Aimee Byrd, with Housewife Theologian, Melissa Kruger, with The Envy of Eve, Wendy Alsup, the Gospel-Centered WomanKathleen Nielson's Bible Studies, and Nancy Guthrie's Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series certainly got the ball rolling for reformed women authors. Yet, the list of books listed below is a huge testimony to the enormous surge in the quality and quantity of female biblical writers. They're truly impressive, don't you think?

Transcending the list, in a category all its own is: The Women's Devotional Study Bible published by Crossway.

After sifting through my Kindle and rummaging through my bookshelves, here are my top 10 books by reformed women authors published in 2014, listed in no particular order:

I hope you also agree that this was a most prolific year for women authors. Praise God!


Anonymous said...

Karen Swallow Prior is the author of Fierce Convictions.

Deb W . said...

Oops!!! I don't know how I goofed that up. Thank you very much for the correction though...