Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Christmas Gift Exchange (TBT)

My first Christmas as a Christian in 1996 is memorable for many reasons. But at this time of year, I am especially
reminded of my very first “White Elephant” gift exchange and how that experience taught me a little bit more about the Gospel. God’s gift to us in Christ came to us in an unassuming package, one which we esteemed not at all. He gave His cherished Son for us and we rejected Him. We have envied and stolen from our neighbor to avoid Him. Even worse when we crucified Him, we literally sent the gift back to the Giver. We said no thanks, God, you can have Him back; we've got our furry slippers right here. We're good. Then Lord goes further. He says, here, let me take your filthy rags. You give me your worst, and I will give you my cherished gift. By the ministry of His Holy Spirit, He reaches down and takes away our junk and sin and graciously, gently, lovingly gives us His most beloved possession, His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. And By His Spirit we now receive this most precious gift, which we neither deserved nor desired, apart from His mercy and grace. Thank you, Jesus.

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