Joy in the Autumn of Life (God's Faithfulness in Every Season)

Being immersed in the "Autumn of Life" may bring a sense of an unexpected loss of identity, an uncertainty about the future, new responsibilities for aging family members, and even questions about finding new purpose and energy in life. For some this season may just feel a lot like a pile of fallen leaves, on the ground waiting either to be swept away or to decompose.

The temptation can be strong at this stage to just sit down in the middle of the pile, while looking back at the end of a life-long vocation, trying to examine every dry, shriveled leaf and wishing they were not all gone from the tree. We can doubt the goodness and sovereignty of God as loved ones may become terminally ill or incompetent. Perhaps we look around at all the empty nests of ours siblings and peers, wondering how we will all survive the sparseness of the seasons to come. After all, even if we make it through the winter, real spring time is still a long way off.

The autumn of life can also be a blessing to us, as our vulnerably and sense of brokenness reminds us of how very much in need we are for our Savior -- for the truth of the Word of God made flesh who dwelt among us.  When we read the account of the nativity in the gospels, the gentleness and pureness of the Christ’s birth speaks afresh of our newness of life. As newborn babe, Jesus came for us wrapped in the meekest and most precious of packages ever imagined. In our weakness and vulnerability, perhaps Christ is calling us to die once again to self, as He teaches us further about our utter dependency on Him. Perhaps in this season we are blessed with a closer walk and reliance on King Jesus, whose goal is to remake us more and more into His image as we seek His face in our time of need.

In the celebration of the first coming of Christ, we are reminded that our God is the Lord of new seasons and new birth. The one and only begotten Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, comes to make poor, old, tattered, naked, and vulnerable trees new with a growth bright and adorned with new beautiful leaves.

Jesus Christ takes the tatters of our broken lives and remakes them by covering us with His own righteousness, which is better than any of the leaves sewn in this world. Our leaves, even the best ones, will never be sufficient. It is only by Christ’s righteousness that the autumn of life always turns the corner to Advent for those who abide in Him.


ReformedWomen said…
Such a joy to read this lovely article of God's grace and mercies to His children from beginning of our days until we see Him face-to-face. How lovely is this witness of His grace. Thank you for sharing with us. Blessings!
Deb W . said…
Thank you, Jacy! I look forward to reading more at your blog as well. You always have great quotes for us there. God bless!

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