Servicemen Singing "Days of Elijah" (who said real men don't like to sing?)

I have often heard and read that men are prone not to be expressive or participatory during the worship singing. And I'll admit that in many services that I've attended in the past, a lot of the men do tend to be more reserved and not all that demonstrative. Well, I hope that you will be as energized and touched by all male worship after watching this video of Soldiers and it looks like Marines worshiping to the song "Days of Elijah". What a pleasant and God exalting thing to see - believers of the true and living God Jehovah worshiping together. And what a stark contrast to the enemies of the Lord who seek destruction and desolation. Dear Lord, please continue to bless our military.


I just love this especially the Oorah. The guys are awesome. Praise God!!
Thelma said…
Totally awesome!! Praise and glory to Jehovah God!!!
Thelma said…
May Jehovah God protect and keep our troops safe from the enemy.
Deb W . said…
Amen! Thanks for stopping by, Joanne and Thelma. God bless you both.

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