Monday, December 3, 2012

Total Depravity & Believers (part II)

Dr. Ligon Duncan has jumped into the discussion on the doctrine of Total Depravity and how it relates to regenerate believers in his latest post at First Presbyterian Church Jackson. Here is an excerpt in which Ligon summarizes his post:
"In sum, the perfectionist tends to deny continuing depravity in the believer, while the antinomian implicitly denies the work of the Holy Spirit in sanctification to be an essential component of our salvation. Of total depravity in the believer’s life, the perfectionist says (of the ‘victorious Christian’) “it no longer exists,” while the antinomian says (of the ‘carnal Christian’) “it doesn’t matter.” Over against both these mistakes, the Bible teaches that when a person becomes a Christian the dominion of sin is broken, but the presence of sin is never abolished in this life (see Sinclair Ferguson, John Owen on the Christian Life [Banner of Truth, 1987], 125ff)."
He goes on to elaborate on four principles that are tied to the doctrine and its implications for believers. The article is well worthwhile in terms of the working out of the following four principles:
  1. Believers are still sinners
  2. Believers must, by the Spirit, strive against sin
  3. Believers are no longer under the dominion of sin
  4. Christian life is characterized by growth and holiness, but not perfection
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