Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The King's Promise

At the White Horse Inn, Dr. Michael Horton writes about the presidential election and the cycle of fear that many will experience over the next couple of weeks. His article is reassuring and full of promise.
And here is an excerpt from the middle of the article that sort of cut to the quick:
"Since George Washington we’ve been electing presidents with dubious confessional credentials, including a string of deists, Unitarians, and agnostics who nevertheless invoked the Unknown God for the American cause. The real question is not whether Americans generally will elect a non-Christian, but whether churches will redefine Christianity as a surrogate of civil religion. Judging at least by public profession, our next president will once again not be an orthodox Christian. That’s not a tragedy. The real tragedy is quasi-apocalyptic and eschatological claims that are made in churches on the left and the right that create a cycle of false hopes and false fears. The official name for this is idolatry. Who is Lord, Christ or Caesar? Churches and Christian leaders often send mixed signals on that one, especially at election time"
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