Monday, September 10, 2012

When God Pulls the Rug Out (CCEF)

When God Pulls the Rug Out by Ed Welch @CCEF

Excerpt: "Has this happened to you?
You read all the signs that were so blatantly from the Lord—“yes, this is the path, go this way, I am with you.”
You have been amazed at the way he opened doors—you were scared but you walked through them.
The Lord confirmed his will for you through other people too—they were excited that God was doing this.
Finally, you were on board. You were excited. You were all in. You had peace about your decision.
And then, splat, he pulled the rug out from under you.
How will you be able to trust God again?"
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"God is not playing games when he pulls the rug out from under you. He is up to something, but it is probably not what you think it is..."

I'm very familiar with this feeling that Dr. Welch describes in his article. I quit a fairly prestigious, influential and high paying job with the government, in what I believed to be obedience to follow God's will for my spiritual life and holiness. As I prayed to the Lord for direction, He opened doors and used people to provide another open door that seemed absolutely perfect. However, I ended up walking into one of the most difficult times I've ever experienced in my life. The job that I went to in obedience ended up leading me to such a stressful, negative environment that I developed asthma and eventually pneumonia, as well as several other stress-related conditions. The woman who was my immediate boss boldly boasted how she was a member of the same denomination that I am a member of in my interview, but then as time wore on, I found that she was not at all walking with the Lord. After a few months, she started to refer to me as her 'nemesis' and did everything she could to undermine everything that I did and kept me from collaborating with anyone other than her so she could control my every move. For over a year, I put up with her harassment (as I found out she was trying to get me to quit on my own), until eventually I was offered 3 months severence to leave and not sue the company. I never thought that losing a job could be so utterly devastating and could lead to such great spiritual darkness.

Dr. Welch's article hits the nail on the head when he writes that "if God was in it there would be challenges—challenges that reveal weaknesses and test faith." That time of trial, loss, grief and darkness revealed so much to me about what I really believed about life, myself, and the Lord. I'm still not sure that I have a good handle on the whole thing, because I am still fighting to gain my employment rights with the government after more than two years back in civilian service. This whole looming sequestration could be a part deux for me, because I've never been restored to my original status and tenure in the position I now hold. It makes me very vulnerable to being wrongfully being laid off.  I do love my job and trust that if I keep my eyes on God and have the willingness to do what He has for me, I will be okay no matter what. And I also know that at the end of the day, it is not all about me. I will continue to do my due diligence and press for the right and just outcome, whether that means contacting a lawyer or my congressman or whatever it takes. But I also trust that God has His plans for all of us and sometimes I don't always get to have things my way. And even that's for my best.

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