The Hunger Games: Appetite and Identity

Winston Smith at CCEF has written the best article I've read so far on The Hunger Games.
He neither glorifies the story, nor berates it, but rather applies a Biblical worldview with surgical precision. Here is an excerpt:
So ask yourself and your teens, “What is my personal hierarchy of needs?” Is mere survival enough, or is it fame, wealth, prestige, or power? Or maybe something a bit more noble like country, kin, or romance? Whatever you need the most, whatever you hunger for, that’s what you will construct your life around. Of course, pondering those questions is easy in dispassionate moments. You can give the “right” answers, or at least the answers you think you’re supposed to give. But the more accurate answers emerge when you face trials and temptations, especially when you face death itself. And that’s what the arena does in The Hunger Games, it is the crucible that exposes one’s deepest needs and appetites, and reveals one’s truest self.
 As good as that observation and application is, he doesn't end with just that insight. There is much, much more, including how trusting in Christ actually matters... Check it out!!


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