Sunday, May 6, 2012

Muscular Christianity?

Dr. Horton's article at Modern Reformation was a very much needed correction to the current trend of many of the CBMW writers of late. Read the entire piece here>>>

Here is a thought provoking excerpt for your consideration:

"where did we get the idea that men are insecure jerks who can't learn anything or belong to the communion of saints as recipients of grace? And are we really ready to identify shallow sentimentalism with "feminization" of the church? Do godly women want this any more than men? In my experience at least, a lot of men and women alike are devouring good books of theology these days, especially in Reformation circles. Yet also in my experience, women—and men—are still being distracted from being immersed in the faith by countless exercises in "applied Christianity" (i.e., niche studies) without much "Christianity" to apply."

I'd be interested in any thoughts or comments that anyone might have.

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