Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Loki vs. Jesus - The Avengers Movie vs. Our True Hope

A few quips from the article to pique your interest:

"Jesus vs. Loki? Oh Puh-lease! Over before it started – right?"

"I'm quite certain you'll enjoy The Avengers, but you can take even greater gratification in the fact that the spiritual world created in the Marvel film series is about as real as a ginormous green guy in purple pants. It's more of a 'reel' reality based on Viking mythology, where Loki is a "god" of sorts. The problem with all these 'gods' is that they act just like sinful humans with superpowers.
At least Captain America proclaims this truth when he's getting ready to jump out of a plane to pursue an escaped Loki. When he's warned that he's about to go after a god, he replies, "There's only one God, ma'am… And he doesn't dress like that."

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