Friday, April 6, 2012

When “Abba” Became “My God”

When “Abba” Became “My God” by Michael Kelley is the ideal blog post for today - Good Friday.

Here is an excerpt:
As Jesus was suspended in the air, nailed to two cross beams, He felt the broken relationship with His Father as sin was thrust upon Him. The unthinkable happened, and Jesus responded by quoting Psalm 22.
“My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”
“Abba” became “My God” at the cross.
But gloriously, “My God” also became “Abba” at the cross.
The unthinkable happened. Those held at a distance from God because of their sin suddenly had access into the unseen realms of glory. The far were brought near. The alienated were brought inside the house. The enemies became children.
And we now cry, “Abba, Father,” precisely because He cried “My God.”
That’s what we celebrate today – this Good Friday. We remember today, of all days, that now we can gratefully approach God in the way Jesus did – as children do to their loving Father.
As I was reading my devotional this morning, I was thinking about Romans 8 and our adoption as sons. And about how the Holy Spirit testifies with our spirit that God is our Daddy, if we truly have been crucified with Christ. But alas my thoughts were pretty scattered and my prayer bordered on the chaotic.
Then, Mr. Kelley's article is brought to my attention by Trevin Wax's wonderful blog.
And I'm very grateful. Thank you Trevin and Micheal. Have a blessed weekend in our Lord everyone!!

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