Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why the Church Needs Bioethics (I won!)

Each Wednesday the Koinonia Blog ( hosted by Zondervan Academic and Friends) offers a free resource giveaway to readers and commenters. I've actually won a few of these already, so I highly recommend participating if you like this sort of thing. This week, they were featuring an amazing resource that I am elated to have won. It's called Why the Church Needs Bioethics, and the contributors include leading Bible and theology scholars, such as D. A. Carson and Kevin Vanhoozer; leaders in the areas of preaching, ethics, and other experts in the fields of biblical-theological studies, ministry, communication, business, law, healthcare, and bioethics.

Here is an introduction to the book by John Kilner  (PhD, Harvard), the Franklin Forman Chair of Ethics, Professor of Bioethics and Contemporary Culture, and Director of Bioethics Programs at Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois.

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