Law of Love AND Love of Law

Kevin DeYoung's post entitled The Law of Love and the Love of Law discusses how we can tread the correct path when it comes to love and the law. Love and the Law are not two mutually exclusive, either or propositions. The law cannot save us, but it is useful and necessary for both the unbeliever and believer alike. In his article, DeYoung quotes The Lutheran Formula of Concord, which says:
“We believe, teach, and confess that the preaching of the Law is to be urged with diligence, not only upon the unbelieving and impenitent, but also upon true believers, who are truly converted, regenerate, and justified by faith” (Epitome 6.2).
One point that I especially thought I'd highlight is when he writes, “'love' is a command of the law (Deut. 6:5; Lev. 19:18; Matt. 22:36-40). If you enjoin people to love, you are giving them law. Conversely, if you tell them law doesn’t matter, then neither does love, which is the summary of the law."
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