Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Difficulties and Rewards of Friendship

Noel Piper recently wrote candidly about her adventure into asking for friendship with some women in her local church >> here>>.   She attributes her difficulty with the fact that she is an introvert, but I wonder whether it is a common struggle among women to find friendship and fellowship with other women? I hear about it so often that I think it may be a rather common struggle for all of us. If so, then that fact provides a great incentive for being all the more diligent in seeking out friendship and fellowship among our peers. Something I desire to be much more proactive about. And thus I pray.


Mrs. David Hankins said...

Most of the women that I know would say that they long for deeper friendships with other women also. It is a sad consequence of the Fall and our broken relationship with the Father! Praise be to God that through Christ, our relationship with God is restored and our relationships with others also! But we still live in the now but not yet. One day, all things will be made knew...the lion and the lamb will lie down together, and we will have perfect fellowship with God and others.

Meanwhile, what are some ways that you are pursing friendship? Personally, I really struggle with being judgmental and critical. I need to bask in the Gospel and the mercy and grace given me so that all of that overflows into the lives of others around me. So that's one area in which I am seeking to grow, by the grace of God.

Thanks for the thought-provoking post!


Deb said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for stopping by and for your encouragement. Now and not yet, it's sooo true.

Well, I just moved to a new church after my old church closed and I'm been doing everything I can think of to meet the women in the church. I attend every opportunity the church offers and I go up to talk to the women I've already met and the ones I haven't and introduce myself. I have some of their phone numbers and call to touch base too.

I realy just think my expectations are too high for friendship. It seems that the trend these days is for people to keep everything light and surface-y. Very few people really want to really dig down deep and share from the heart. Sometimes, I probably overwhelm people because I'm kind of intense. So, I think I put too much on other people and it sort of makes them want to stay away.

Yes, I do agree that when I bask in the Gospel, the mercy and grace of Christ, it does overflow to others. I think that is the key, To listen and give grace to others more than to "unload" my heart, by the grace given me by God!
Thanks, Elizabeth!
Grace and peace, Deb