Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Session Notes

Dr. Harry L. Reeder gave the message at the GA tonight. I was listening online to the beginning and started taking notes about 3 or 4 minutes into his sermon. Here they are.

Threefold DNA of the Church:
  • Spirit-filled (do we grieve Him by saying I can do it by myself in self-reliance? Have we waited for Him? via His Word, in prayer?)
  • Christ-centered (this is how we know the church is Spirit-filled. The Spirit leads us to Christ. He is what we are bringing to the world. All our blessings are from Christ, that we might point people to Christ alone. He is the center, the sum, the substance, and circumference of everything)
  • Gospel-driven (when the holy Spirit comes upon ppl, we turn the world upside down-which is really right side up. The Gospel is the foundation.
The good news is the Christ came for each of us wretched sinners.We are delivered from our sins. The gospel. Legalism is not the only sin. Jude, 1 John, those books are in the Bible for a reason.There is the trap of antinomianism. Gospel blessings are accompanied by gospel imperatives. It's not what we do to be saved, but it is an imperative for those who are saved. Now walk in a way worthy of your calling. Utterly devoted life. Because you live to pour yourself out for Him.

Romans Ch. 11 Doxology is followed by Romans 12, In light of God's mercies - in view of God's mercy - present yourselves ...... There is strength in Christ. Be strong in Grace. Grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Follow me. - imperative. When we come to Christ, we come to follow Him. Jesus went to the cross to save us from what? Our sins. The power of our sin. He has saved me from my sins to bring me to Himself. He has redeemed me.

Then His promise to take us home to be with Him. Ransomed, Redeemed, Reconciled and Resurrected. I love the Virgin Birth, the ascension, yes I love the promise He is coming back, but Paul takes us to the cross. This where people saw Him face to face, incarnate and we crucified Him. Not the Jews or the Romans only. We did this. This is the heart you and I were born with. Jesus Christ went to that cross, he gives us a new life, new record, new family, new home. Ever wonder why it's the new believers in the church who are winning people to Christ? It's new and it means something. They're not asking are we singing all the verses to Amaing Grace. We who have been Christians for a while have 'gotten used to it.' They don't know EE or bridge to Christ yet, but they are winning folks to Christ. Why? Because the Gospel is fresh to them. It has changed them.

So, we take this Gospel, this Christ to the world, shaking the world. It's not cosmetic. Not where the pastor buys his clothes. It's not about Blue jeans or khakis.. The last shaking we had here preachers were running around the countryside with black robes. They probably scared a lot of widows, but they were Spirit-filled and poured out their life for the sake of the Gospel. The Gospel changes lives. The world laughs at it, but all we have to do is lift up the hood (used a story about a 57 Ford....)

The greatest contextualization is people love people for the sake of Christ, with the love of Christ.
When we have churches that are spirit filled, hospitals for sinners, but death traps for sin.

Who drank the cup of wrath to the bottom, so we could have overflowing eternal life? Jesus Christ
Who held back the angels to endure all that our sin deserved? Jesus Christ
Who sat down at the right hand of the Father? Jesus Christ
Who prepared a place for us, that we might be with Him forever? Jesus Christ
He is the center, the sum, the substance, and circumference of everything
Oh that we are so Christ-centered and Gospel-driven in all we do.
(Prayer that we would surrender to Him.. that the Holy Spirit would move powerfully, that the Gospel is both seen and heard from us...)

I missed a lot of what he said, because I type way too slowly. But I'm sure these sessions will be available later. Don't miss Dr. Reeder's sermon!! Powerful.

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Deb said...

Well, someone at #pcaga was "kind" enough to delete my link to these notes from their twitter conversation, but "negligent" enough to leave up all of the advertisements that were listed to come and visit certain booths and purchase certain products and to attend certain conferences, etc.. What a tragic example of something that I'm sure Jesus would have hated.

Yes, I'm kind of mad about it. Why not be? It seems quite discriminatory and without warrant. And on top of that, there is no accountabiity, someone to whom I might comment about it. Overall, who cares about a lousy tweet, but it's the principle that matters.