Church Mission & Baptism

First thing needs to be said: I'm not a fan of church growth gurus, so the source of this quote comes from someone I normally wouldn't read. I found the quote while doing some research and couldn't help but shout a hardy 'Amen!' to his point about baptism. I've notice quite a few articles floating around the blogosphere discussing the pros and cons of paedo vs. credo baptism. And I admit being strongly attracted to the Reformed Baptist church down the street from where I live (although, I'm a PCAer and plan to stick with my denom). Yet there is something to be said for link between the genuine mission of the church and this quote on adult baptism that I felt compelled to share:

"Here’s the bottom line and THE key mark of an effective congregation. Adult baptisms. This is not a slam against those of you who are Methodist, Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, etc. who do infant baptism. Infant baptism typically represents biological church growth. However, adult baptisms represent something altogether different. Adult baptisms represent conversion growth. In the West, one of the fastest growing populations is the “never churched” population. We’re in the third generation of a largely unchurched population: the Boomers quit church; Gen-X only went to church when grandma took them; and the Pre-Millennials have never been to church (of course this is a broad generalization, but the fact is, it’s generally true). And so, effective churches are engaged in real evangelism that is touching real lives and that results in adult baptisms."
From Five Marks of an Effective Congregation by Bill Tenny-Brittian, Net Results Magazine.


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