Stuttering Kings and Imperfect Pastors

Matthew Block at Canadian Lutheran discusses the parallels between the speech impediment in Colin Firth's character from the movie The King's Speech to the efforts of pastors to preach God's Word in the local church. (I hadn't seen the movie this way at all before, but it makes sense.) [And no, my blog is not going to turn into a movie commentary blog...:)]

In an excerpt from the article, Martin Luther is quoted as explaining the connection best:
“If we hold the Word of God in high regard, then we would be glad to go to church, to listen to the sermon and to pay attention. But if you look more at the pastor than at God; if you do not see God’s person but merely gape to see whether the pastor is learned and skilled, whether the pastor has good diction, then you do not have eyes to see the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb…. For a poor speaker may speak the Word of God just as well as he who is endowed with eloquence.”

HT: Cranach


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