Did Portman Deserve an Oscar?

Mary Kassian at Girls Gone Wise discusses why Natalie Portman in The Black Swan deserves an Oscar Award for Best Actress this year, despite the fact that she says -- DO NOT GO SEE THIS FILM. (I have not seen it, and I'm very glad that I did not after reading her article.) Find out what she has to say>>>

Here's an excerpt:
"The lie is as old as time. Satan tricked the first woman into believing that “white” (light) was boring… incomplete, lacking passion—and that “black” (darkness) was beautiful, harmless, and oh-so-desirable. He convinced her that God’s rules were ridiculously restrictive, and that she’d attain a greater level of perfection by indulging in the forbidden fruit. The temptation to believe the lie was—and still is— incredibly powerful."


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