Why Inception Should Win Best Picture

Here is a video from The Guardian discussing some of the key reasons why Inception deserves the Oscar for Best Picture this year.

Yes, I also saw True Grit and The King's Speech. While both were decently entertaining, neither of those films left me with a giddy anticipation of going back and seeing the film again.. and again the way Inception did. Inception is a ground-breaking movie that defies traditional movie making boundaries, defines its own genre of film, and directly engages the movie goer in the experience. For me, this is the most important reason why Inception deserves recognition. The typical Hollywood movie expects passive receptivity in its viewers. Inception, on the other hand, assumes audience engagement and intelligence. I'd like to think people prefer to be respected. The Yahoo user poll seems to support this, as users voted Inception to win 8 Oscars! Granted, the academy will never go for a full 8. Most likely it will only get 3 in the sound and visual categories, which is an insult to Director Christopher Nolan. The movie deserves at least 5 Oscars. We will see.


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