Why Historical Questions Shouldn't Trouble Us

John Dickson (PhD, Ancient History, and senior minister of St Andrew’s Church Roseville in Sydney) offers this article at The Gospel Coalition, titled "The Christ Files: Why Historical Questions aren't Going Anywhere - And Shouldn't Trouble Us Anyway."

Excerpt from the final paragraph:
"The gospel places its head on the chopping block of public scrutiny and invites anyone who wishes to come and take a swing. The good news is that the more they “swing.” the more robust our message appears. We have pretty much exactly the sort of evidence you would expect to find if the core of the Jesus story is true and decidedly more evidence pointing in that direction than you would expect to find if the story were fabricated. The evidence is not probative; our skeptical friends still have plenty of wiggle room. But the “dent” in the historical record is significant enough for any fair-minded person to accept that, whatever its explanation and significance, the life of Jesus really looks as though it took place in much the way the Gospels say it did."


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