Some Brief Thoughts on Presuppositionalism

A great paper by Dr. Richard Howe
Punchline 1: "Presuppositionalists mistakenly assume that to have the argument first in the order of knowing is to tacitly deny that God is first in the order of being. It does not."
Punchline 2: "the presuppositionalist seems to confuse knowing something truly and knowing something exhaustively.
Punchline 3: Bahnsen denies Sproul the ability to use logic antecedently, yet goes onto do so himself categorically.
Punchline 4: "Van Til and Bahnsen are assuming that a worldview and its contrary cannot both be false..."
What this amounts to is that the only thing that the transcendental argument gives us epistemologically is 1) the transcendental necessity of logic and 2) a path to general theism (not Christian Trinitarian theism, which is no different than the goal of classical apologetics).

bonus paper: Is Knowledge Perception?


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