Orlando for Memorial Weekend?

Wow! Looks like I may be headed for Orlando, FL during Memorial Weekend this year.
The line-up and conference theme for NEXT 2011 is right on track with my current obsession :) area of theological study interest.
Check out the speakers they've got lined up -- I can't imagine a better schedule than this one. (plus, I've got a relatively new Christian friend who is college aged, so.... what a match up!
Speakers include:
D.A. Carson
R.C. Sproul
Kevin DeYoung
Scott Oliphant
Jeff Purswell

Vern Poythress

And there are breakouts on topics of how to serve Christ in our areas of influence, everything from business, the arts, law, government, journalism, etc..

Finally, the icing on the cake. there will be concerts every night! Including music by two of my favorite bands: Reilly and, Shane and Shane.

Praying for the opportunity and means to go...


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