Made me weep

HT: John Samson of Reformation Theology and Effectual Call.
For two reasons, I can't help but weep when watching this video of the people of the Kimyal tribe in West Papua, New Guinea as they receive their first ever New Testament translated into their own language. The way they rejoice, celebrate, and wail the arrival of Bibles from World Mission is enough to make any brother or sister in Christ weep with them exalting in the joy of the Lord.

The second reason, as Rev. Samson and the missionaries in the video all mention, is the conviction of just how easily we take for granted as Christians in America our unrestricted access to the Word of God. How many of us have multiple copies of multiple translations. I know I own four NIVs (Streams in the Desert, NIV Study Bible, Pocket Leather Bound, Woman of the Word Study Bible), two KJVs (one no frills, the other is a Geneva Study Bible), one Message, two NKJ (Spirit-Filled Believer version and Oswald Chambers Daily Devotional version), two NASBs (Zophiates Hebrew/Greek Keyword Study and a straight paper cover), two ESVs (Daily Reader version, and Reformation Study Bible version). Those are the ones I remember off the top of my head. I probably have a few others stashed away somewhere. My point is: I weep when I think of just how much I take for granted that one of my Bibles will always be there for me, and yet how rarely in the grand scheme of things I actually soak it in and appreciate it as I should.

Watch this video and be amazed by people who are EXCITED to receive God's Word!!


Deb said…
I need to make a quick comment about this post. Original title was: "This Ought to Make Us Weep"
Then about an hour later, I saw two other blog posts in my reader about "Weeping."
One was from a co-worker whose father died Monday.
The other was by one of my favorite bloggers, Tara Barthel, about one of her fellow church family members who died.
Truly weeping from a place of such loss cannot be compared or dismissed in the name of ministry or the gospel.

The content and intent of my post had nothing to do with these other tragic events and I hope did not offend anyone or was not misconstrued. Probably not, because almost nobody reads this blog anymore if Analytics is working properly. Sincere apologies if there was any misunderstanding.

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