Friday, November 5, 2010

Recipients First: Then Participants

Kelly Kapic speaks about his book, "God So Loved, He Gave"

Here is some of what he says in the second half of the video:
"What the story of divine generosity is about is that we receive God's grace - Radical Grace- but then we become avenues of that grace.

"So, part of what we have to understand is that when we call one another to generosity, to giving, whatever we mean by those terms, it can't be anything, at least not for Christians, that is self-generated. We are not simply trying to pull something out of ourselves. We are not simply trying to make something out of nothing.  
"But he is inviting us into this floodstream of his generosity. On the one hand, we are invited to receive, and on the other hand we are called to give. To participate in this movement of God."
Check out the video and his website here.

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