Worship Music Irony

While the pop church is busy incorporating worldly music into the worship liturgy, rockers of the past are reversing their musical tastes. Previously, we saw Johnny Cash go this route in his last album projects. A couple of weeks ago, I commented on how Robert Plant of the famed heavy metal band Led Zeppelin has seemed to turn to Christ over past several years and recent album projects.

Now here is Tom Jones with his newest musical project, reflecting his life mellowing (a return to home, as CBS News put it, since he grew up in the church singing hymns):

Did Trouble Me

In this morning's featured piece on Tom Jones' return to his roots, he is portayed as the classic Prodigal Son. When asked to sing impromptu, Mr. Jones chooses "The Old Rugged Cross." Check out the video here. And here is the text version.

Here is a link to him in an interview with CBS discussing his love for British gospel hymns as a child attending a Presbyterian Church in Wales. Now, back at home in Wales, he is recording hymns, something that he said he always wanted to return to, even in the days when he used to sing with Elvis. Very interesting I think.

Whether or not he has been converted, (other than his song selections, he doesn't provide much of a testimony to that end) one thing is plain. His generation of singers is without excuse, just as Romans 1 puts it. He even acknowledges this clearly singing here -- "Nobody's Fault":

Off to worship now (or God will raise up the "Rocks")

Oh, also, I think we should pray for these men who are obviously convicted and troubled about their sin and need for God. Pray that the Prodigals would continue to hear The Gospel!! When we are truly convicted, we all need to hear clearly about what our great Savior, Jesus Christ, has done on our behalf and the great redemption that we now possess in Him. Pray that they repent and do not linger on their past. God bless.


Anonymous said…
It is interesting how so many who spent their entire lives in the mainstream are finding solace in traditional worship songs.

It doesn't look like Tom Jones has repented (unless he's downplaying it for some reason). But only the Lord knows what has happened/is happening in his heart. We can look at his fruit, but it is a bit of a mixed bag, so I guess the jury's out for now.

(He sure can belt it out beautifully, eh?)
Deb said…
Thanks, anonymous. Yep. I agree. He's talented and it's an interesting story. But his testimony isn't out there. (yet)(praying?)

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