Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CCEF Conference 2010

As a single person who continues to receive email reminders throughout the year about CCEF's 2010 NATIONAL CONFERENCE on Marriage, called "For Better or Worse," scheduled for November 11-14, I also have the urge to ignore and delete each of the messages. Fortunately, I avoid the urge and do skim the emails, because CCEF offers so many excellent resources that I don't want to miss out on something.

Today, I received an email update about This Year's CCEF National Conference Worship Leader: Matt Mason, and I was smiling from ear to ear. Here's his bio stuff:

Matt Mason serves on the pastoral team at Lakeview Christian Center, a Sovereign Grace-affiliated church in New Orleans. He and his wife Paula have been married since 1996 and have 3 children. Matt's father pastored a small church in New Orleans which gave him the opportunity to begin serving in music ministry from age 12. He went to a small missions college in Dallas and while there had the opportunity to be a part of two live worship recordings as well as traveling with a music ministry team across parts of the U.S., England, and Canada. After getting married, he spent two years working with a short-term missions organization before becoming a pastor at Lakeview. Matt has done workshops and has led worship at the Sovereign Grace WorshipGOD Conference and serves Bob Kauflin as a Regional Worship Coordinator for Sovereign Grace.

I had the good pleasure to meet Matt at the 2008 NEXT Conference in Baltimore, when I was assigned to his small group for prayer and study (the same year I got to meet Carolyn McCulley). Because I had served on a missions trip the prior year in New Orleans, he and I got to talk a bit about NOLA. Then, about one month later, when our mission team returned to New Orleans for our second year, our trip leader had coordinated to have our team worship with Matt at his church. It was so awesome to actuallly get to see him again so soon, serving in his ministry. It was really neat.

So, when I saw that he was actually leading worship at the CCEF conference, I had to post about it (even though the conference is about something I will probably never need to know about -- either here  or in eternity, but who knows, eh?)

Meanwhile, I can pray for Matt's continued ministry!

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