Friday, October 8, 2010

Africa and Anger, Spiritual Warfare and Mission

Ed Welch writes a very powerful article about spiritual warfare experiences that are so prevelant in places like Africa, where darkness, hatred, anger and jealousy are seen as clear sign posts of the demonic activity of the evil one. He goes on to share how the Kingdom of Christ continues to advance everywhere, shining the light of the gospel and redemption even in the midst of heavy spiritual warfare -- in the foreign lands of Africa, and in his counseling office back here in the states.

It does seem that we Americans are less tuned into the realities of the work of the evil one and his darkness in the spiritual warfare happening all around us. As Dr. Welch says, the influence of the rulers of darkness most often tend to manifest themselves in anger, hatred, jealousy, and division. When I find these ugly emotions broiling up inside, it is not only indicating the presence of an idolatrous heart (which it most certainly is that - just not exclusively that).

Becoming more aware of the power of evil so that we may flee from Satan's tactics will keep him from gain a foothold in our hearts and minds. But if I am ignorant of his wiles, then I'm much more defenseless. So, I appreciate Dr. Welch's head's up on guarding against these types of temptations. Afterall, the emotion of anger can be highly addictive, just as much as a powerful narcotic. Every angry sentiment that gets nursed, breeds more anger and leads to a murderous heart. Being mindful of these things is certainly a huge benefit. Yet, apart from the grace of God, the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, the redemptive forgiveness of the cross of Christ, and the ordained means of Grace given, I would be left in a hopeless, wretched state, despite my knowledge of the former. Praise be to God that He does not leave us to our own devices! (I will try to write more on prayer, which I think is crucial here, in a later post)

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