Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Afraid of Grace?

Tullian asks, Are You Afraid of Grace? He links to an article he wrote for the Resurgence, and here are a few quotes to get you interested:
"The biggest lie about grace that Satan wants the church to buy is the idea that grace is dangerous and therefore needs to be 'kept in check.'”
"In other words, there are two 'laws' we can choose to live by other than Christ: the law which says, 'I can find freedom and fullness of life if I keep the rules' or the law which says 'I can find freedom and fullness of life if I break the rules.' Either way you’re still trying to 'save' yourself"
"The irony of gospel-based sanctification is that those who end up obeying more are those who increasingly realize that their standing with God is not based on their obedience, but Christ’s. The people who actually end up performing better are those who understand that their relationship with God doesn’t depend on their performance for Jesus, but Jesus’ performance for us."
"imperatives minus indicatives equal impossibilities"
And I'll end with this:
“If your preaching of the gospel doesn't provoke the charge from some of antinomianism, you're not preaching the gospel.” - Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones

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