Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Gospel of John

Today I started a study of the Gospel of John, which I plan to go through on my own over the next month. I'm using the NIV, ESV, and NASB translations as well as two commentaries. This will be the fourth or fifth time that I study John, so as I go through the study this time, I plan to post on any new insights or "ah hah" moments as I go through it.

The first commentary I'm using is by R.C. Sproul and is an expositional commentary made up of 57 chapters that are based on a sermon series he taught at St. Andrews a couple of years ago. In particular, reviewers of the commentary praise Dr. Sproul's insights and exposition on passages that many find difficult and his ability to draw the reader closer to the Savior and to a greater depth of love and devotion to Him.

The second commentary I'll be using is "Jesus the Evangelist" by Rick Phillips. Rather than trying to describe what I think the book will do, here is Rev. Phillips' video introduction:

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