Friday, July 16, 2010

Two Ways of Thinking

Two Radically Different Ways of Thinking, and Their Cause At Pyromaniacs
"...the point at which the heart shows itself is that point at which God's will and His truth cross our wills and our biases.

"Contrast both of these attitudes (Mrs. Eggebroten and Professor Sparks - you'll have to read the article to find out who they are) with that of men and women on whom the Holy Spirit has effectually done the work of conviction of sin, who have had a glimpse of the living God.

"Recall Isaiah 6, the throne room vision. How did the sight of the thrice-holy Yahweh affect Isaiah? Remember: Isaiah was a good man: a holy man, a godly man, an incredibly eloquent man. What did he think of himself, after he saw God?

"Did Isaiah say, 'Now I really feel empowered! I really have to get after asserting my rights'? Did Isaiah say, 'You know, that really wasn't bad — for now. You know, until something better comes along'?

Not so much."

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