Sunday, July 11, 2010

Broken or Triumphant?

Just back from our annual church picnic! Good times :)
Meanwhile, this just in from the Gospel Coalition: Broken or Triumphant?
Quick excerpt from the piece by Dane Ortlund:
"Brokenness without triumph is Eeyore-ish gloom that emphasizes the fall to the neglect of redemption, crucifixion to the neglect of resurrection. It is personally under-realized eschatology.

Triumph without brokenness is Buzz Lightyear-ish naïveté that emphasizes redemption to the neglect of the fall, resurrection to the neglect of crucifixion. It is personally over-realized eschatology.

The gospel gives us the only resource to look our brokenness squarely in the face, downplaying nothing, overlaid with—not in competition with—unspeakable victory. Both together."
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