Friday, June 4, 2010

Vigilante Grace

Tim Challies linked to an article by Irish Calvinist on a real-life example of THE OPPOSITE of Vigilante Justice straight from the world of baseball. As fans clamored for "justice," Jim Joyce and Armando Galarraga help us see how Contrition, Mercy & Forgiveness play out on the Baseball Field
Erik makes three key observations (see his original post where each bullet is fully developed.)
"First, the clamoring for perfection from imperfect people... We see a billboard sized announcement and reminder of human imperfection and our distaste for it.

Second, the contrite apology... A good, humble apology is good and refreshing for our culture.

Third, the mercy... Our culture is not used to this."

A summary of his conclusion:
These are good themes of imperfection, justice, contrition, and mercy that intersect with in our everyday world. We need to see it more often and teach it to the next generation. Jump over to Erik's article to get the whole story>>>

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