Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Unwinding with 'Dance'

Last year at this time I was on a mission trip to New Orleans to help with recovery from the Hurricane Katrina. That's right, five years after the flooding, there are still families without homes and churches trying to rebuild. I can't imagine the many more years of suffering these poor people will have to endure in the wake of the BP debacle we are witnessing unfold day after day on the news.

One of the families that went on our mission trip told me how much they enjoy a program called "So You Think You Can Dance," which I had never even considered watching. Since then, I've tuned in each season, finding that I do enjoy it quite a bit.

Tonight, the program was my release from a pretty busy day and this ballet dancer brought an extra measure of joy in his ability to adapt to the "hip hop" genre. What incredible talent he has to be able to move from ballet to hip hop so quickly and perform on par with the veteran "Twitch."
Here is a link to his story:

Here is tonight's dance routine in HD:

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