Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The silliness of coveting

My laptop is more than two years old, and I've been noticing that when I have like nine applications running and 15 websites open, it won't play movies or YouTube videos very smoothly. (hmmm.. can we say unrealistic expectations anyone?)

So, last week when I was shopping at a major electronics store for refrigerators (mine was making milk shakes out of perfectly good Eddy's Double Fudge ice cream, even though it was running 24/7 and turned down to the lowest setting!), I peeked over at the laptop section. Fatal error.  We all have our weaknesses, and apparently, computers are my own personal blue screen of death.

There it was. The perfect multimedia, entertainment laptop that literally has every single feature that I could imagine needing -- okay, wanting -- in a mobile computer. And it was almost 1/2 off the regular price. Oh my! I was so excited. For days after my fridge was delivered, all I could think about was this new laptop. I kept checking the store's webpage to make sure they still had it in stock and was checking every internet review I could find, which were all 5.0! In every way, I kept confirming to myself over and over: Go, buy it, buy it, buy it!

Then I realized a few major problems with my plan.

First, with the amount of money that I've been making over the past year, even though I could pay cash for this amazing, beautiful, funtastic piece of machinery, I knew I really should not spend this money, especially at this time.

Secondly, and most importantly, my desire to possess it had become a ruling lust -- an idol! (Although, I'm sure that merely having that knowledge would not have stopped me from buying it, because I could easily justify my desire.)

Finally, and most embarrassingly, too, I might add, the more I researched the reviews and checked out the comparisons of my dreamboat laptop, the more I realized that I was completely nuts. The laptop that I currently have is its predescessor and has almost everything to offer that the dream machine has, with the a few minor exceptions and the biggie of a separate ATI graphics card.
It was the realization that I already owned what I was craving that convicted me so strongly of the silliness of my coveteousness. I stand convicted (and about $700 richer). Plus, there's a couple of great lessons on being content and having realistic expectations in there as well. Keepin' it real and happily letting it go!!

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