Thursday, May 13, 2010

The True Older Brother

excerpt from Jared Wilson:
"Where disobedience and disregard ruled the roost of the firstborn, Jesus obeys the Father perfectly, submits to the eternal cause of the glory of the Father completely, and cares for and rescues and sacrifices his own well-being for his younger siblings to the utmost.

Jesus is the older brother who will not trade his birthright for a bowl of soup. Jesus is the older brother who will not trade his siblings into slavery.
Jesus is the older brother who leaves the comfort of his Father's estate to seek out his lost brother among the brothels and pigsties and actually rescues him from the degradation of the mud and dresses him in the Father's robe of his own accord.

To borrow from Sinclair Ferguson, Jesus is the "true and better" older brother.

To borrow from a favorite line in a favorite movie, Jesus is the older brother who does his job. Everybody else is the other guy." (And as the oldest sibling growing up, I definitely relate to being the 'everyone else' here! So, my only hope is the gracious welcome of the Father, and my true and better older brother, Jesus. Amen!)

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