Saturday, May 22, 2010

No wonder more people are doubting the Holocaust

The History Channel got a bad rap in my family a few years back, because it seemed like the channel was fixated on Hitler and the Holocaust. They were just too predictable. Well, the History Channel has developed a new problem that is way, way more troubling from my perspective. Although their repertoire has grown beyond the Nazis and World War II, now the channel has been inhabited with bizzare superstition, pagan religion, and alien life. The typical programs I've been coming across are Ancient Aliens (read: panspermia theory), Bigfoot, UFO Hunters, the Lochness Monster, MonsterQuest, Nostradamus, Cities of the Underworld, How the Earth was Made, and Clash of the Gods (Beowulf and Grendel).

Yes, this is the "History" programming that the television audience is being fed. No wonder young people have absolutely no basis in real history any more. And it's also no wonder that real history, like the Holocaust, is viewed skeptically by some, given the fact that it is presented on the same level of history as all of the above listed cultural mythology. Very sad.

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