Monday, May 10, 2010

Loving My Invisible Neighbor

At Moore to the Point, Russell Moore writes:
"It’s easy for me to love my neighbor. It’s easy, that is, as long as my neighbor is invisible.

By that I mean to ask, have you noticed how abstract and ethereal so much of our Christian rhetoric is on virtually every topic?"

He writes about how we tend to fight for causes, policies and issues, rather than interacting with the actual "people" involved. He continues:
"The Family” never shows up unexpected for Thanksgiving or criticizes your spouse or spills chocolate milk all over your carpet; only real families can do that. “The Poor” don’t show up drunk for the job interview you’ve scheduled or spend the money you’ve given them on lottery tickets or tell you they hate you; only real poor people can do that. “The Church” never votes down my position in a congregational business meeting or puts on an embarrassingly bad Easter musical or asks me to help clean toilets for Vacation Bible School next week; only real churches can do that. “The Truth” never overturns my ideas and expectations; only the revelation of God in Christ does that.

Okay.. guilty, guilty, guilty! Better than I used to be. But a long, long way to go! It's a good reminder for me, especially today.

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