Monday, April 19, 2010


"The serpent, who is more cunning than any of the beasts of the field, is a counterfeiter. It is his wily custom to not merely construct an alternate realm to the realm of Christ, but to craft every piece of that realm as a copy of the real. He is a mimic. Anti-Christ does not merely mean “against Christ” but likewise means “instead of Christ.” He is a false messiah of a false kingdom. And like the true Messiah, he is seeking those who would worship him. As such, he is a false prophet, a false priest, and a false king. For every blessing our Father above bestows upon His children, the Devil below has a faux blessing. And it is his unholy habit to cause us to confuse the two." R.C. Sproul, Jr. in his article: We Are Family

Just about any area of our life can present false kingdoms and false messiahs. Sports, reality TV, music, etc. Just about every area of culture presents its kings, priests, and prophets whom we are invited to worship and affinity groups with which we are bid to identify. And the allure of the gblt lifestyle is no different. I've always said that it is a mimic for the church, and though I very rarely write about this particilar topic, I felt compelled today by Mr. Sproul's article. Listen to backsliders giving reasons why they decide to "switch teams." Their reasons are not sound. Yes, they are passionate about their feelings, but their assessments are based on falsehood. And yes, from a strictly theological perspective on sin and temptation, they have given into the flesh (which we tend to be so very quick to detect and point out to them). But we must also be wise to the ways of the devil and world -- and how these things interact with our falleness. Not just for the sake of people who struggle with "that" sin, but even for every one of our own souls. Our false kingdoms and false messiahs are all around, if we look.

Mr. Sproul's article describes the real deal

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