Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Idols of the Heart & Vanity Fair

An article by David Powlison in the Journal of Biblical Counseling
Two favorite quotes about counseling gone astray:
"'God loves you' typically becomes a tool to meet a need for people who feel like failures...The Gospel is better than unconditional love. The Gospel says, 'God accepts you just as Christ is. God has contraconditional love for you."

and "Moralistic Christianity does not usually evidence much interest in the pressures and sufferings of our social milieu. Counselors fear that such an interest would necessarily feed those varieties of blame-shifting and accusation which spring up so readily in our hearts. Human responsibility would be compromised."

Then the article is summarized as follows:
"The biblical Gospel delivers both personal sin and situational tyrannies. The biblical notion of inner idolatries allows people to see their need for Christ as a merciful savior from large sins of both heart and behavior. The notion of socio-cultural-familial-ethnic idolatries allows people to see Christ as a powerful deliverer from false masters and false value systems which we tend to absorb automatically. Christ-ian counseling is counseling which exposes our motives- our hearts and our world-in such a way that the authentic Gospel is the only possible answer."

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