Monday, March 8, 2010

Dethroning Our Sovereign?

Not possible, but yet the idea flits throughout my thought-life and prayer-life.
This article from Jill at RZIM's Slice of Infinity explains...
The Sovereign>>>

And here's an interesting quote from the article:
"Pride is born of the deep dissatisfaction of the creature with the limits of its creaturehood, its lack of permanency, wisdom, and power... If pride implies reaching too high, sloth means sinking too low, settling for something less than real humanity." (Douglas John Hall, "What Time Is It?" 11)
If I'm not teaching on Wednesday, this will be VERY cool:
Online Chat with A Slice of Infinity
An online video chat session on Wednesday, March 10th at 2 PM EST. The link below will take you to our USTREAM broadcast page.

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