Saturday, March 27, 2010

Atheism as Fatherlessness

This past Friday, our church held a showing of the movie "Collision" where Doug Wilson and Christopher Hitchens debated the subject of "Is Christianity Good for the World." At one point, Doug Wilson stated that atheism is essentially "Fatherlessness," to which Mr. Hitchens nodded his head in agreement. Later in the film, when asked what Mr. Hitchens is able to base his morality on, he quickly blurted out something to the effect of "well, the brotherhood of man is a very strong basis," and then muttered, "well then if there is the brotherhood of man, then I guess one could argue for fatherhood as well." I also recall him stating early on that he was not all that impressed with the virgin birth, as he was aware of how from a scientific point of view that there are ways that this could actually happen without anything miraculous having to occur. So, to Hitchens there did seem to be something about this theme of fatherlessness with which he had not wrestled out completely, and I think Wilson or an evangelist might find some traction by building on it. In our own doubts and unbelief, we feel and sense a type of fatherlessness, which necessitates the preaching of the reality of our Father in Heaven to His prodigals. (And I also cannot help but think of the huge epidemic of fatherlessness that our country faces as well) --- opportunity knocks!


waffleboy said...

Morality is based on reality. Basing morality on the brotherhood of man is as false as basing it on perceived ghosts in heaven. Hitchens is great at attacking religion, but weak at establishing his own ethics. Try not to pick a straw man for yourt next attack.

Deb said...

Dear waffeboy,
Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking time to comment.
Sorry if my post came off in any way as an "attack" as you put it. There was no intent of attack on my part and I apologize if that is what came across to you through my writing. My simple point is that I would like to see Wilson or another evangelist work out the theme of fatherlessness as part of their discussion of the gospel and Truth with Mr. Hitchens or others who are in a dialogue with them.

To your point about the person who states that their morality is based on the brotherhood of man: on what basis do you claim that it is false? You did not establish your basis for that statement; therefore, it is unsubstantiated.
In addition, you stated that Hitchens is weak at establishing his own ethics.
I'd be curious: what is your basis for such ethics?