New from CEP: Ideas for Creating a Discipleship Plan

New Pamphlet out from the PCA's Christian Education and Publications: Does Your Church Have a Discipleship Plan?
There were quite a few on the list that I haven't read yet and think I'd like to. The plan divides the discipleship progression into five categories:

A. Searching: (unsaved individuals) Being nurtured/Very interested in spiritual things.
B. Believing: (saved) For new Christians. Immature, needs mentoring.
C. Growing: For those actively growing personally. Beginning to get involved in ministry.
D. Becoming: Spiritually maturing. Needs to be trained to disciple new believers.
E. Serving: Spiritually mature. Train to disciple others.
F. Leading: Spiritually mature. Should be trained to lead and disciple the church.

Click for the pamphlet with links to the recommended resources


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