Natural Law and Two Kingdoms

Interview at Office Hours (Westminster Seminary California) with David VanDruden by R. Scott Clark on the use and relevance of natural law. Discussion also researches the reformed tradition on natural law alongside the two kingdom theory.

Link to MP3

Interesting juxtaposition to our Sunday School class on Total Truth.


R. Scott Clark said…
Hi Deb,

Thanks for this link. A brief clarification. Office Hours is a production of Westminster Seminary California. White Horse Inn has two WSC faculty members (Mike Horton and Kim Riddlebarger) as co-hosts but Office Hours isn't connected directly to our friends at WHI.

Thanks for listening.

Deb said…
Hi Scott,
Thank you for the update! I've corrected it on the main post. Glad to find your interviews there, and looking forward to listening to more soon.
Grace and peace,

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