Monday, January 4, 2010

"A Sacred Ambition for the Glory of Christ Where He is Not Yet Named"

This afternoon John Piper led a breakout session at Passion 2010 with an audience of thousands, titled "A Sacred Ambition for the Glory of Christ Where He Is Not Yet Named." I was not present, but according to the Desiring God blog, the blurb for the session reads,

Do you share the apostle Paul's sacred ambition to bring the gospel to peoples who otherwise have no access to it? If you are ready to leverage your life for those among the world's hardest and most unreached peoples then this breakout is for you.

During the session, John read a blog post to the audience of thousands of young people that was written by Brother Eugene called "My Burden for the Truly Unreached." Brother Eugene is a long-time missionary in China.

This is facinating to me, as I had stumbled upon his blog back on December 15th after following a discussion on about a silly board game called Rich Daddy God that was made in Taiwan.

What is so amazing to me though is that this particular post was actually more than a year and a half old (May 7, 2008), so obviously, I had spent a considerable amount of time reading his blog and was just delighted when I found this gem. After writing just a tiny comment to be an encouragement, I was also pleased to see that he published an updated version on December 17th.

Wow!! Praise God, because that little gem of a post straight from the front lines in China has now been shared with thousands of young, up-and-comers, who may very well be considering a call to the mission field. (And even possibly one rather older one, as well, yours truly; who knows?) Maybe the breakout session will be posted up with the main sessions too -- check them out here>>>

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