Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Article on Justification at CSM: "Here I Stand"

By Kevin DeYoung (author of "Why We Love the Church" and "Why We're Not Emerging"

The Protestant debate over justification: Here I stand.
Ignorance about how we get right with God has weakened the church. We must reassert that we're saved by faith alone.

And a quote from the article to pique your interest:
"The problem today is that the 'good news' is often replaced with good advice and good causes. Churches that should be talking about the work of Christ on the cross and the grace of God for sinners are stuck on recycled pop psychology, moral exhortation, or entertainment. But these fail to speak to the eternal question that haunts all of us: How do I know that I'm OK? We all want to know we are justified."

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