Sunday, November 1, 2009

Devotional - from the Psalms

(note: I have changed the date of this post intentionally in order to remove any misconceptions, as it was originally posted on November 11th, a date which ought not be read in connection, neither in an implied or allusory way, with my sentiments below. thanks)

"Do not put your trust in princes, nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help. His spirit departs, he returns to his earth; in that very day his plans perish. Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the LORD his God, who made heaven and earth, The sea, and all that is in them; who keeps truth forever, who executes justice for the oppressed, who gives food to the hungry. The LORD gives freedom to the prisoners."

- Psalm 146:3-7

Praise God, as he does execute justice for the oppressed. By His hand, we are all fed, but some will never recognize or acknowledge it. Some of the princes of the world will swear by their own power and claim their own glory. I think of this quote from Maximus in the movie Gladiator - "The time for honoring yourself will soon come to an end." Rich oppressors will have their moment in this life, but it will be but a vapor in the context of eternity. Those who abuse their power over the people in their charge are storing up wrath for themselves on the day of judgment. Leave vengence to the Lord; He is the judge and justice will be metted out - either through eternal damnation or by the propitiation of Christ on the Cross. Pray for the LORD to continue freeing the prisoners and adopting us as His children, co-heirs with King Jesus of the eternal kingdom. The princes of this world will have their glory, and we will have ours. Hallelujah!

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