Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vulnerability - Hollywood Style

Carolyn McCulley at Radical Femininity has an awesome post called Drunk: The New Female Tenderness? in which she shares about the current trend in Hollywood to portray male benevolence almost exclusively through the degradation of falling down drunk and out of control women. On the one hand, who could be in a more vulnerable state and in need of male benevolence than a drunk young maiden? In a strange way, this set up has parable-like qualitities about it, to which one might easily find parallels in Hosea, the Samaritan Woman, or the woman caught in adultery, and so forth. On the other hand, however, Hollywood's tales result not in the glorification of a just and forgiving, lifegiving and light-casting, merciful and all-knowing Creator, but rather creates its own opportunity to glorify sin, darkness, and depravity, while further obsuring male and female relationship roles.

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