Thursday, September 17, 2009

Christian Warfare, book by John Downame

The Christian Warfare Against the Devil, World and Flesh
The sub-title:
wherein is first generally shewed the malice, power and politike stratagems of the spirituall ennemies of our saluation, Sathan and his assistants the world and the flesh, with the meanes also whereby the Christian may vvithstand and defeate them : and afterwards more speciallie their particvlar temptatiions, against the seuerall causes and meanes of our saluation, whereby on the one side they allure vs to security and presumption, and on the other side, draw vs to doubting and desperation, are expressed and answered : written especially for their sakes who are exercised in the spirituall conflict of temptations, and are afflicted in conscience in the sight and sense of their sinnes.

Now that's what I call a sub-title! Yeah buddy! Take your 140 word Tweeter limit and try to do that!

Anyway, this is definitely going on my wishlist ;)

UPDATE: I just tried searching Amazon for the book and only found one reference to the book in Finding God Beyond Harvard: The Quest for Veritas by Kelly Monroe Kullberg
Here is the reference from this autobiography which I found extremely interesting:
"I began to spend time in the archives of Pusey Library and in the Houghton Library rare book collection. In the lobby of Houghton, visitors could view the only remaining book given to the college in 1636 by John Harvard himself. All the other books were consumed by the fire of 1764, but this one was "borrowed" by a student (before books were meant to be borrowed). The book's title was The Christian Warfare Against the Devil, World, and Flesh... And Means to Obtain Victory. Though the contents were inaccessible behind glass, I took the title as a mysterious inpiration."

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