Friday, September 4, 2009

Heresies of Love - TableTalk, Sept 2009

Link to Heresies of Love by Gene Edward Veith>>>
An extremely insightful look at various perversions of love. Here is an excerpt:

The Unitarian heresy applied to church would be the demand for unity that squelches all personal differences. This would include the forced conformity of cults and the coerced obedience insisted upon by megalomaniacal preachers. It also includes the social homogenization favored by many church growth experts, which results in congregations consisting only of people of the same age or demographic profile: young people, white suburbanites, or postmodernists.

The polytheistic heresy applied to church would be the “me and God” mindset that sees the individual, personal relationship to God as all that is necessary, with little need for gathering together with other Christians into a corporate body. It also includes congregations with no unifying teaching or confession, allowing all members to believe whatever they want.

Love is a unity of distinct persons.

When the Bible says, “God is love” (1 John 4), it proves the doctrine of the Trinity. You'll want to click here to read the whole piece>>>

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