Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't put down the Bible before you pick it up

Too many unsaved friends in my secular circles have dismissed the Bible prior to serious examination. I was just like them, so I can understand the biases and misgivings that some may have who have never spent any significant amount of time reading and studying the life-changing Word of God. This is one reason why I love attending a good, solid Bible study and will invite unbelievers to come.

What is less understandable and hard to remain sympathetic about is when mature, long-time supposed Christians denegrate the Bible. This I have an extremely hard time understanding, and especially when these folks are in leadership, faculty or the pastorate. Unfortunately, they can be found around us more than we think.

Inspiration and Infallability
The Canon of God is pure, free from error, and preserved for our instruction and edification. Many will say the Bible is inspired by God, but the do not have in mind the same idea as the traditional belief found in the Doctrine of Inspiration, whereby God-breathed and directed the transmission of His very own words by the power of the Holy spirit, by appointed men at various times in various places.

Typically, the modern version of "inspired" or "inspiration" refers to something much more compatible with the new age movement, rather than the sovereign will of God. The infallability of the Bible is also a doctrine rejected and assaulted by many who are at best inadequately informed. By attempting to compare the text of the Holy Scriptures to other ancient writings, these false teachers have ignored the tens of thousands of manuscripts that testify to the accuracy of the work of the Jewish Scribes and Massorites. They also ignore traditional Christian scholarship, in favor of post-modern philosophy. continued...

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